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L- and panorama-brackets for my D2H

I needed an L-bracket for the camera so I bought some thick aluminum and made one. The tripod is an old Manfrotto ART190 with a Model #200 video head and it wasn"t possible to get the camera in vertical position nicely.

First I cut a 24 cm piece of 40 mm by 5 mm aluminum and bent it in shape and then drilled some holes for mounting etc. After finishing that I covered the thing with black hockey tape so it would be nicer to use if it is cold outside and taking photos without gloves.


The first addition to the DIY L-bracket. It converts the L-bracket into a panorama bracket.

It is made from the same material as the L-bracket, 40 mm by 5 mm aluminum. Just cut a ~15 cm piece of it, drilled some holes and covered it with black hockey tape.