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Nokia N800 USB-host-cable

Nokia N800 supports host mode on its USB-port so it's possible to connect USB devices to it (keyboard, memory sticks etc). The connector on the N800 is a USB mini-B connector so the cable needed is a male-mini-B to female-A which aren"t available straight from the store.

There are two ways of doing the cable and the first one is to get a female-A to female-A adapter and a male-mini-B to male-A cable and attach them together. That method is fast but the outcome is rather bulky (connector on the cable plus adapter is quite long). I chose the option two so I took a male-mini-B connector with about 10 cm of cable and a female-A connector and attached them together to get a nice short adapter for USB devices.

Soldering of the cable is easy, just pin 1 to pin 1 and pin 2 to pin 2 etc. [Pin 1 = red | pin 2 = white | pin 3 = green | pin 4 = black]

_ak01296_n800_usbcable.jpg _ak01313_n800.jpg