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Normal black umbrella modified into a flash diffuser

I had this broken normal umbrella lying around because two of the "arms" broke down one day when I opened it. It wasn"t very nice to walk home on a rainy windy day while the umbrella kept popping upsidedown. Just got this idea that what if I take the old black fabric away, fix the broken arms and put on a white thin fabric. Works quite good but the only downside is that it can"t be collapsed and it is fixed in that open position so I'll be using it only inside.

I'm going to buy some collapsible ones some day, this was just a quick half hour project to get something to do.

First I removed the black fabric and fixed the broken arms and after that I cut off the handle. Then I layed a sheet of white fabric on the floor and layed the old black one on it to use it as a template and cut a same shape piece from the white fabric. I used black hockey tape on the edges to give them some strenght and for looks. Last step was to stretch the new fabric over the arms and attach every arm to their corners with a piece of metal wire through the fabric and attachment holes and cover the metal wires with tape so I don"t hurt myself to them.