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Triple flash mount for an octabox

My friend needed a way to mount three small speedlights (SB-800, SB-600 and SB-24) to his 120cm (47") octabox for shooting without a power outlet and big studio flash. I offered my help and came up with the design that follows. The result was quite good and it holds the weight of the big octabox without bending.

First I started by making a piece from ~1.5mm aluminum sheet that can be attached to the speedring with four screws:

20100206-_AK03609.jpg 20100206-_AK03611.jpg

20100304-_AK03976.jpg 20100304-_AK03981.jpg

And then the frame from random pieces of scrap aluminum, the main structure is from 3mm aluminum flat bar and the U-shaped support is from 1.5mm strip. Hot shoes for flashes are made from the cheapest optical triggers from dealextreme. The one used for SB-600 has a PC-sync connector on the side. The whole frame can be disassembled by just removing three screws and the pieces come apart and the U-shaped support is hinged with pop rivets.

IMG_3970_med.jpg 20100327-_AK04232.jpg

20100327-_AK04222.jpg 20100327-_AK04225.jpg

A spigot is attached to the frame with a 3/8" bolt for mounting to a flash stand.

20100507-_AK05063.jpg 20100507-_AK05066.jpg

All the flashes attached to the holder:

20100507-_AK05070.jpg 20100507-_AK05078.jpg

And here are a couple of shots where my friend used the finished setup:
[Huijari @ Flickr]

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