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AS-19 sync port mod

I needed a sync port for my SB-600 but didn"t want to modify the flash itself yet because I bought it only a few weeks ago so I got this idea to modify the AS-19 that came with the flash. I added a 3.5mm socket and contacts for the flash (the middle contact is a pin from an IC socket and ground contact is just a metal piece from a battery holder). I put some hot glue to keep the wires safe and added a piece of black DC-Fix tape to cover the bottom.

I use 3.5mm mono jack to RCA -adapter there because I use RCA connectors in my sync cables. Works nicely.

Featured in Strobist on December 18, 2007:
» Easy Nikon SB-600 Sync Jack Mod

as19_syncportmod.jpg as19_syncportmod_detail.jpg