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Macro photography contraption
Triple flash mount for an octabox
Cleaning of a Micro-Nikkor 55mm/2.8 AIS
Wireless TAC-2
DIY AF Assist Light for D2H
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Wireless TAC-2
I've had this one TAC-2 controller lying around with a broken cord and one day I just got an idea that maybe I'll convert it to wireless version instead of fixi [...]
DIY AF Assist Light for D2H
Sometimes it would be handy to have an autofocus assist light on the camera, but D2H doesn't have one (there is one on the SB-600 I'm using but it isn't always [...]
Rotating led display
I've always liked all kinds of led displays and a rotating one is maybe one of the most interesting ones. I've been planning on building one for many years (act [...]
Joytech XBox display hacking
Some time ago I bought three Joytech Ultimate Travel Pack Xbox sets for 15€/set. One set includes 7" display unit, 150W car inverter (12VDC->230VAC), 12V i [...]
USB memory in a shell casing
USB memory in a shell casing. I first tried it with the normal connector and didn't come out so nice so I decided to change the connector. I took the connector [...]
Serial Servo Controller
I needed a serial servo controller to few projects but I didn't find any suitable source codes for the ATmega8 that could have been compiled with avr-gcc. One o [...]
Parallel port logic analyzer
As I don't have an oscilloscope yet so I needed a cheap way to analyze some signals, I decided to build a simple logic analyzer to use with PC's parallel port. [...]
DIY multi flash sync
This is my flash sync box (basically just four safe syncs in parallel) that I built last Saturday. I can connect up to four external flashes to it (the four bla [...]

DIY Umbrella/Flash Bracket
I bought a couple of cheap flash stands so I needed some flash/umbrella brackets for them. I didn't want to go for the cheap plastic ones and I wanted them to b [...]
Robot arm
I've wanted to build a robot hand for a long time now and finally I've found a place to get cheap servo motors; DealExtreme. I made some planning with Google Sk [...]

Macro photography contraption
Last winter I tested taking some macro photos of snowflakes and the results were so good that for this winter I got an idea to build a some kind of a contraptio [...]
Triple flash mount for an octabox
My friend needed a way to mount three small speedlights (SB-800, SB-600 and SB-24) to his 120cm (47") octabox for shooting without a power outlet and big studio [...]
Cleaning of a Micro-Nikkor 55mm/2.8 AIS
I bought a Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 in good condition about a year ago for a good price. Everything else was good but soon I noticed a lag with the aperture blad [...]
DIY wrist strap holder for D2H
I needed a wrist strap for my camera and I bought a cheap Mennon Camera Grip Wrist Strap from DealExtreme.com, cost a bit under 5 euros. Actually I only needed [...]
DIY Tilt&Shift lens
I finally found a suitable lens for the diy tilt&shift lens project and built this today. The lens is an old Industar-58-Y 75mm f/3.5 englargement lens for [...]
(Photo, starting from top left) Description (1) I started with a 24 cm diameter steel bown and a normal food can. (2) Added some tape on the bowl and drew the [...]
DIY SC-28 Flash Cord clone
So I wanted a SC-28 cord for my camera and flash but didn't want to pay that much for just two connectors and a cable so I decided to make it myself. Didn't hav [...]

Nokia N800 USB-host-cable

GPU cooler install timelapse

Space Invaders wall decoration

Quick cartboard softbox

Quick clamp for a flash

Cactus V2s transmitter antenna modification

Modifying a microphone stand into a flash&umbrella stand

Normal black umbrella modified into a flash diffuser

L- and panorama-brackets for my D2H

Cheap flash bounce

AS-19 sync port mod

Small shelf made of wood and threaded rod