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USB memory in a shell casing

USB memory in a shell casing. I first tried it with the normal connector and didn"t come out so nice so I decided to change the connector. I took the connector from an old printer pcb I had lying around and soldered it in place. The tape on the top middle picture is just for some insulation.

The shell casing is from a 12.7mm (.50") caliber anti-aircraft machine gun NSV-12.7 (I got a training for it when I was in the army so that is why I have it). Great fun to try to shoot down an RC plane with it :)

Featured at Hack a Day on July 30, 2008:
» Shell case your flash drive

PS: I know that the connector is not very handy, but it doesn"t matter because this memory doesn"t have any "real" use, I carry smaller one with me.