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  Thursday, 22. May 2008

I got a Bowens Prolite 60 yesterday because it had let out the "magic smoke". I disassembled it and so far the only blown up component I've found is the other one of the two bigger capacitors. There is a crack on it and it has spilled out some of the guts with quite a speed (the black stuff above it). I'll have to check if the charging circuit is functional and the flash tube is working and then try to hunt down some replacement capacitors for the device.


Edit, 24-05-2008: It seems that the capacitor actually was the only part that was broken. I cut away the wires going to it, turned the power setting to the lowest position and plugged in the power cord and it worked nicely, no smoke anywhere. It was a good thing that the flash tube and other parts are working so now I can start to look for a 400V ~1600

Category: Photography, Random  |  Tags: broken