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  Tuesday, 5. March 2013

Time has gone past fast, it's almost 4 years since the last blog update and there has been only a couple of projects I've added during that time. There are a lot of projects to be added on the projects page and at the time of writing this I'm waiting for the DNS updates to propagate to get this new site online.

I finally finished a long delayed project of rewriting the whole website to be much more better to use and to update. The look of the layout is almost unchanged, but I finally moved from a table based structure to a div based and went through all the old CSS files to remove all unused definitions.

Hopefully I'll find some time to start adding all the waiting content on the website as there is a lot of it.

New site structure:
» Blog
» Blog archive
» Information page
» Photography (gallery)
» Latest Flickr uploads
» Projects
» Projects - Programming
» Projects - Articles

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