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  Wednesday, 30. October 2013

Hack a Day recently posted about a fun little contest, "Slap Hackaday Logo on Something and Win a Trinket". Nothing too creative came to my mind so I decided to try how big logo I can make. After a little bit of thinking I decided to build a flash projector out of few photography equipment; Nikon SB-600 flash, Nikon AF 35-70mm/3.5-4.5 lens and a cheap extension tube set. I opted for the zoom lens so I'm able to adjust the size of the logo a little bit if I want to.

I started by printing out a few different sizes of the logo to a transparency sheet and cut a circle with a 35mm film frame sized hole in the middle from black cardboard. The flange distance of Nikon F mount is 46.5mm (Lens mount, Wikipedia) and by adjusting the order of the extension tube parts I got the distance from the lens mount quite close to 46mm for placing in the cardboard piece with the logo between two of the parts. In this case the right distance from the lens mainly just helps with the focusing because the focus distance scale works the way it should. The lens is attached to the extension tubes and the tube is taped in front of the flash. And of course the logo has to be upside down to get the projected image the right way around.

20131030_012411 20131030-0128-DSC_1579

20131030-0128-DSC_1580 20131030-0126-DSC_1578

20131030-0126-DSC_1577 20131030-0124-DSC_1570

First some testing on the ground and a nearby wall to see that everything works.

20131029-2322-AK0_9152 20131029-2323-AK0_9154

Then to find the largest wall without too much light hitting it. Nobody probably even noticed the flashes from inside as the logo was already quite dim at that distance (but sorry if I disturbed somebody's evening). The first photo is taken from a distance of about 60 meters and the logo is probably around 14-15 meters high (the lens on the flash was zoomed in a little bit to fit the logo between the edges) and the second one from around 50 meters and height of the logo is about 24-25 meters.

20131029-2334-AK0_9162 20131029-2347-AK0_9167

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