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  Monday, 29. September 2008

I looked at some visitor statistics of the site and the number of unique visitors (count by IP-addresses) as of 13 May 2008 has gone past 10000 mark today (almost 11k while writing) and number of page loads is over 60k. Thanks to all the visitors so far!

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  Friday, 26. September 2008

All photos in the blog, projects and photography -sections are online again. My latest backup was two months old (oops, won"t happen again) so I had to rebuild the whole data structure. Luckily I had a list of the uploaded files in the database and here is what I had to do:

- File list from the SQL database.
- Make an index file from about all the image files on my computer (I used cygwin so I could use those handy unix tools to generate the index file like this: find -iname "*.jpg" -print > image_file_index.txt)
- PHP script that filtered all unneeded files from the image file index.
- Another script that made a batch file with the info from previous script and that copies all the needed images to one place from around the hard drive.
- Third script that made a huge batch file that uses ImageMagick's convert to resize and make all the needed thumbnails (two different sizes) etc according to the file information from the database and the batch then moved everything to the right places.

Maybe there would have been another way of doing all that but it worked so whatever. Also a lesson was learnt: REMEMBER THOSE BACKUPS!

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  Monday, 22. September 2008

At the moment all photos in the blog, projects and photography are missing because for some weird reason, they all disappeared this morning. I'm working on it and trying to figure out what has happened.

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  Thursday, 7. August 2008

Ok, forgot to write posts from the event and I decided to look through all the photos after getting back home because it seemed to take too long with the laptop. So, check out the picture gallery:

» Assembly "08 Summer photo gallery

I got a flu on the trip and I've been a bit ill for the last few days, but it seems to be going away. I had my rotating led pov display with me at the event and it held together for the whole four days! It was on almost all the time and it actually fell of the table one time (over 1 meter drop) and it worked like before after putting the power back on. It got nicely some interest from people walking by and below is a video of what I was running on it (didn"t have time to make anything else so it was only running the same thing all the time):

All in all, the whole trip went great and I'm already waiting for the next year, hopefully I'll make a bigger and badder led display that I'll take there with me.

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  Thursday, 31. July 2008

It is that time of the year again, the time of the annual Assembly demoparty. At the moment I'm sitting in the train heading to Pasila and I'm writing this via the laggy GPRS connection. This is my sixth time in a row and I'm looking forward to see what new and interesting this year has to offer. Hopefully a lot of nice demos and other compo entries. I'll try to post something from time to time and I'll add photos here and to my flickr account. Stay tuned!

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