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  Tuesday, 13. May 2008

As this homepage project has been going on for too long I decided to finish it finally. I made all the final adjustments to the content management system to get it working right. Everything (except few parts of WordPress on the background) is made by me (gfx/html/php etc). I have wrote over 2000 lines of PHP while doing this site and about 1200-1500 lines are used at the moment to run everything.

The only thing missing is the photo gallery from the Photography section and I'm hoping that I'll get it done soon. I'll be keeping my own blog here and hopefully I'll post something frequently. I'm also adding all kinds of projects on the Projects section and I'll post about the updates I make there to the blog. My latest uploads to Flickr and YouTube are seen on the left side menu and the list will update automatically when I upload something to either service.

Hopefully someone finds the site interesting!

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