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  Thursday, 22. May 2008

It was a nice sunny evening so me and my friend decided to go and test the new frisbee golf course that has recently been built in the nearby park. It isn"t very long (only about 450 meters total) and not much obstacles so it took only about half an hour to complete. Nice addition to the park anyway.

m_k_ak05629.jpg golfcourse.jpg

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  Saturday, 17. May 2008

Today I went driving with my car and wondered the weird noise coming from the car and stopped to look what was wrong.. Flat tyre. I took it off and found the problem quite soon; there was a 7 cm long nail stuck on it. What a nice day. :)


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  Thursday, 15. May 2008

I recently uploaded a bunch of new videos to YouTube after founding a lot of good clips from my video archives.

» Lego Mindstorm RCX robot
» Small tesla coil test #1
» Motion capture demonstration
» Girl freaks out because of a scare video
» Funny macarena
» Robot video #1
» Dog chasing shadows
» Wimshurst generator
» Gauss gun
» Microwave Plasma

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  Wednesday, 14. May 2008

I ran a full test on the front page at Browsershots.org so it tested and uploaded the view of the webpage on 61 different web browsers. The screenshots looked very good and the page shows up like it should on about 90% of all the browsers (the last 10% were very old or just not compatible with standards). I also tested the page with links myself and it works well with it too ;)


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  Wednesday, 14. May 2008

RSS-feeds for both blog and projects can be found in the left side menu now.
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