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High Speed 2013-04-06
   Gallery » Experimental » High speed » High Speed 2013-04-06

Breaking some old tubes and light bulbs that were saved for this purpose.
400 fps high speed video at: [link coming later]
Video: Nikon 1 V1 + Nikon 50mm/1.8D and Nikon 1 J1 + 75mm/1.3 C-mount lens
Stills: V1 + 10-30mm @ 30mm and J1 + 30-110mm @ 30mm


20130406-1814-AK0_6205.jpg 20130406-1820-AK0_6212.jpg 20130406-1824-AK0_6215.jpg 20130406-1829-AK0_6227.jpg 20130406-1830-AK0_6228.jpg 20130406-1834-AK0_6233.jpg 20130406-1853-DSC_2686.jpg
20130406-1854-DSC_2733.jpg 20130406-1906-DSC_0940.jpg 20130406-1906-DSC_0943.jpg 20130406-1907-DSC_2815.jpg 20130406-1907-DSC_2819.jpg 20130406-1917-DSC_0958.jpg 20130406-1918-DSC_2869.jpg
20130406-1918-DSC_2870.jpg 20130406-1918-DSC_2872.jpg


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